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 1. SJC Program Books. Kant. Foundations of / Grounding for a Metaphysics of Morals.12
 2. SJC Program Books. Kepler. Astronomia Nova.4
 3. SJC Program Books. Kepler. Epitome of Copernican Astronomy.1
 4. SJC Program Books. Kierkegaard. Fear and Trembling.6
 5. SJC Program Books. Kierkegaard. Philosophical Fragments.3
 6. SJC Program Books. Lavoisier. Elements of Chemistry.3
 7. SJC Program Books. Leibniz. Discourse on Metaphysics.9
 8. SJC Program Books. Leibniz. Monadology.3
 9. SJC Program Books. Leibniz. Philosophical Essays.1
 10. SJC Program Books. Leibniz. Principles of Nature and Grace.2
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